Oxford Branch News

From Mabel Blades

Throughout the year the Oxford Branch has had regular virtual meetings, which have been well attended.

We decided that for the year we would have themes around self-help, supporting members and the environment. We have had two Dragons Den meetings, which we felt were an innovative way for suppliers to profile items. The meetings were great fun and well liked, and we all enjoyed voting. It is an idea that could be used elsewhere.

In June we had another virtual farm walk, this time with Martin Lines from Nature friendly farming. We sat while Martin showed us around the farm, which inspired us to get involved with tree planting. We now have 150 trees ordered, for free, from OVO energy for planting; fingers crossed they grow. You can claim your free trees for planting at www.tcv.org.uk/communities/i-dig-trees

We have also had a food waste presentation from Guardians of Grub.

Finally, Jeremy Croxford, our dedicated treasurer, wanted to step down for some time but we were delighted that James Varghese from apetito agreed to take over.

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