NHS Interview with Kevan Wallace - Getting Ready for Natasha's Law

Our next interview in the Natasha's Law Series is going live shortly.

Today we are chatting to Catering Manager Kevan Wallace, who has spent 25 years at Frimley Health, and over 30 years within the NHS. Kevan oversees more than 2,000 meals per day.

We chatted to him about the following key issues:

  • What were the special considerations preparing for Natasha's Law?
  • What were the concerns when getting their kitchens ready for the deadline?
  • How did he and his team at Frimley Health ensure the supply chain and processes were fully compliant now and beyond?
  • What are his top tips for those who might be 'late to the game'? 


  • Who: Interview with Kevan Wallace - Catering Manager with over 30 years at the NHS, with a focus on patient safety and compliance 
  • What: Discussing the challenges, concerns and benefits of allergen labelling for PPDS within the hospital sector.
  • Where: Available to watch back from 11am on the Community Hub! 

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