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  • The Power of 3 - ‘Let’s Drive Patient Catering Together’

    Please download the flyer which gives you details of our first joint Conference with the BDA Food Counts Group and the Nutritional Nurses Group.

    Our first one-day Conference will take place on Tuesday 17th March 2015. This date has been chosen as it is the Tuesday of the Nutrition and Hydration Week 2015.We have already secured some interesting speakers for the day.

    So you do not miss out can I please ask you all if you would register early as spaces will be limited. I look forward to seeing you all there and supporting the HCA, but above all, supporting our colleagues in the BDA and NNG.

    Together, the Power of 3 will deliver to those we care for most – the patients.

  • HCA Awards Submission – closing date, 6 February 2015

    HCA LogoThe past few years have been amongst the most challenging for HCA Members. There’s relentless pressure on us all to provide an outstanding catering service against a backdrop of severe financial constraints. More…

  • NHS Sustainability

  • NHS Sustainability Day 2015

    NHS Sustainability Day 2015I am delighted to present to you a new national health and wellbeing model developed by Elizabeth Harrison, Common Ground Lead at Lancashire Care NHS Trust. More…

  • Nutrition and Hydration Week logoNutrition and Hydration Week 2015
    16-22 March 2015

    Click here to view the latest Newsletter and Activity Planner for 2015 Nutrition and Hydration Week 2015.

    Alternatively scan the QR code below to go straight to the Nutrition and Hydraion Week website at
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  • HCA Training and Development Bursary 2013

    For further information and to download an application form please visit the Welcome page in the Members Login.

  • Food Matters Live

    Food Matters Live Monthly Newsletter

    Click here to view the first Food Matters Live monthly newsletter.

  • CN Awards

    CN Awards 2015 – Don’t miss the chance to nominate & WIN!

    The CN Awards provide the chance for all readers, advertisers and contributors of CN Magazines to come together to recognise the achievements of those whose great work has made a significant difference within the nutrition industry – whether an individual, group or organisation. More…

  • Chairman’s Blog

    HCA National Chair, Andy Jones, gets the word out on the latest developments, initiatives and thinking in hospital catering, service and delivery. More…

  • Help a fellow Chef raise in excess of £1 million for Cure Leukemia

    Hayden Groves, who some of you will know well in his own right or as the winner of the 2013 National Chef of the Year, has joined forces with Geoff Thomas, the ex-Crystal Palace and England footballer, and others to raise in excess of 1 million pounds.

    They are going to complete the Tour De France course one day in advance of the main event in June 2015. So in this season of goodwill and giving, I urge you to please give a donation and show your support.

  • HCA Mentioned at Chief Nursing Officers Summit 2014 (NHS ENGLAND)

    The link below is from the recent Chief Nursing Officers Summit 2014 (NHS ENGLAND).

    The Hospital Caterers Association is not only leading our service, but we are gaining national recognition for doing so. What we are doing is ensuring that we embrace the 6C’s across all 4 nations, which to me shows how we ensure that the as Caterers we lead from the front and ensure that patients are at the core of all we do. More…

  • Food Allergens – Ward based training

    As you know, we are less than three weeks away from one of the biggest changes to the catering industry in a long time when the new allergen regulations are being put in place. I have gone on record as saying that this is one of the most significant changes to happen to caterers for a good many years. More…

  • Malnutrition Task Force

    To keep up to date with the latest developments taking place to combat malnutrition by the Malnutrition Tack Force click here.

  • Special Discounted Subscription offer for HCA Members


Press Releases

  • Nutrition and Hydration Week logoNutrition and Hydration Week Charter - Launched

    The Charter being launched by the week's three leads lays out not just the aims for a week but aims that will start the lead towards eradication of all avoidable malnutrition and dehydration related illnesses. A bold target but from small acorns do such ideas grow, similar to the week’s growth. More…

  • Coeliac UK

    Coeliac UK welcomes new EU regulation on food labeling as providing greater certainty for people with coeliac disease

    Coeliac UK, the national charity for people with coeliac disease, an autoimmune disease caused by a reaction to gluten, welcomes a new EU regulation on allergen labelling in catering outlets and for retailers from 13 December 2014, as providing more certainty for people with coeliac disease in managing their condition. More…

  • Newry Reporter

    Trust says its hospital food is ‘good quality’

    Following the recent publication of a damning report on the general quality of hospital food in England, the Southern Trust has said that it prides itself on ‘providing safe, good quality meals’. More…

  • Sierra Leone Ebola Centre Caterer pledges Support

    Nutrition and Hydration Week logoWhen the catering project team for the Ebola Centres in Sierra Leone this week pledged their support to take part in Nutrition and Hydration Week, not only did they become the 31st country to sign up to the week, but due to the nature of the challenges in this African country, to take part is a massive commitment. More…

  • Suppertime Tuesday

    Nutrition and Hydration Week logoThe challenge for many caterers in health and social care is Suppertime. Challenges include variety of dishes; staffing and often the lead caterers have left for the day. More…

  • HCA response to University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust's Burger King removal

    HCA LogoSouthampton General Hospital has announced that it will not be renewing its concession for Burger King at the hospital, which runs out in 2016. Burger King does not, according to the hospital’s management, fit into a modern ‘healthcare environment’. More…

  • HCA response to NHSScotland’s Standards for Food, Fluid and Nutritional Care

    HCA LogoNHSScotland has published revised 'Standards for Food, Fluid and Nutritional Care', today, 31 October, 2014. More…

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