acs athenaIn the fast-paced environment of hospital catering, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. The demand for nutritious, timely meals requires a streamlined approach to meal planning, preparation, and delivery. To meet these challenges head-on, hospitals are increasingly turning to digital catering management solutions.

ACS - Athena is an end to end Hospitality & Catering Management solution inclusive of software and required hardware (EPoS, tablets bar code readers etc). Our solution is simple and easy to use platform that is highly innovative and can be fully integrated with procurement, suppliers, patient record and internal IT systems. The solution covers; ingredients, recipes, menu management, nutrition & allergen analysis, inventory, supplier portal and eCommerce.

Athena provides direct capability for making and recording meals, our solution also provides financial and corporate support by providing full visibility of cost management from ordering individual ingredients through to full supplier visibility, including full tracking of waste at an individual plate and full production level. As well as providing cost analysis, the suite will also track CO2 and help to reduce the carbon footprint across your catering operations.

We are the only end to end catering solution to include a fully customisable food labelling solution that can be modified for whatever you need to record and display.

Athena’s Catering Management Solution for the National Health Service (NHS) plays a crucial role in supporting the health and well-being of patients, staff, and visitors and is trusted for managing complex dietary requirements for 100s of patients at each sitting.

ACS-Athena allows Catering managers in the NHS to focus on delivering high-quality, nutritious, and safe meals to patients whilst managing costs and adhering to regulations. Our solution reduces clinical risk and improves overall wellbeing as the nutritional needs of the patient plays a significant role in their recovery and overall Patient Experience.

With ACS Athena enjoy the industry leading food management solution across:

  • Digital Menu.
  • Electronic Meal Ordering.
  • Recipe & Menu Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Sustainability & Waste Tracking.
  • Food Labelling.
  • HACCP Control.
  • Nutrition & Allergens.

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