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From Carol Delves

Vicky Paget receives her membership certificate

Our Branch meetings have been well attended over the last few months, but other Branches have advised that they are reducing the number of yearly meetings to ensure attendance is maximised because caterers are struggling to leave work to attend.

So we have reduced next year’s meetings to four, located in different hospitals to, again, maximise attendance. We have also moved the start times to 3pm to give consistency with other Branches who are starting at this time.

Kitchequip will still be hosting its summer BBQ – our joint Branch meeting with the North West Branch, and next year’s event will be at Kitchequip’s new premises. We will also be attending a joint study day in September 2019, hosted by the North West Branch.

This year we introduced our ‘topic of the meeting’ section to enable Members to deliver a presentation about a specific issue. Over the last few months topics have included ‘Understanding budget statements both patient feeding and retail’, ‘IDDSI’, ‘Ward-based dietetics’, ‘Generic facilities staff’, and ‘CQUIN’.

Finally, at our last meeting in October we were delighted to present Vicky Paget from Willowbank foods with her Membership certificate (pictured).

If you are happy to sponsor one of our meetings, please contact Branch Secretary Carol Delves, at carol.delves@gmail.com, or Amanda Cartmill, Branch Chairman, at amanda.cartmill@mcht.nhs.uk

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