Northern Ireland Branch News

From Deborah McNeill

The Branch continues to meet virtually. At our meeting on 13 April, those who had attended the Forum each named one thing they had brought back and hoped to implement within their Trusts. We also shared Nadim and Tanya Ednan-Laperouse’s powerful and emotional presentation from Forum, which inevitably led to a discussion on allergen management.

At our next meeting we were joined by Tim Radcliffe and Alexia Robinson who shared plans for Love British Food. At that meeting, David Smyth agreed to become a Love British Food Champion and all represented Trusts agreed to take part in Love British Food fortnight, with an inevitable Northern Ireland twist

On 10 June we had a celebratory lunch in Zen, Belfast to celebrate those members who won awards at the Leadership & Development Forum but were unable to attend to collect their awards.

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