South West Branch News

From Jane Wills

The South West Branch held its July meeting at the Ellenborough Park Hotel, Cheltenham. This was preceded by a social evening at Greek on the Docks restaurant in Gloucester Quays organised by Shelley Alder, Branch Treasurer. This type of social event is taking place more frequently because it has proved to be very popular with Members.

The Branch meeting was opened by Branch Chair, Karoline Rowlands, who thanked Karen Ramsey and Bill Perry from PKL group for kindly sponsoring the day, which was held in a fabulous setting. Following the business meeting, Bill and Karen gave a very interesting and informative presentation, starting with an overview of the company. The emergency response service was highlighted, which includes the immediate provision of a whole kitchen or a piece of equipment such as a freezer in case of a breakdown, flood or fire.

PKL can also supply a product called Podules, modular pods that can be linked together and then reconfigured in the future, usually inside the premises, plus Food Cubes, which come in three sizes that can be constructed within a day and rebranded when changes are required. The final product mentioned was an organic food waste digester that can reduce the waste fed in by up to 70 per cent in 24 hours. The machine needs to be fed three-four times daily in a 12-hour period to maintain the heat at a constant 72°. It then uses heat and enzymes to digest the food and the residue comes out looking like compost, which can either be used on the garden or alongside fuel in a biomass boiler.

Our thanks again to Karen Ramsey and Bill Perry from PKL and to the Branch Members for their excellent support of the day.

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