Free Webinar shows caterers how to achieve sustainable catering operations using the Green Kitchen Standard on Tuesday 22 January at 3:00pm.

Tackling sustainability in commercial kitchens is a complex task to take on. We know business’ can save money, time and resource by confronting the problem. Three in four caterers say they do not have the right tools or knowledge to deliver lasting change. The Green Kitchen Standard can help. An award that helps caterers manage energy, water and waste.

To motivate teams to take on the sustainability challenge, the Soil Association are offering a free webinar in January. Participants will learn about the Green Kitchen Standard and how it can help their business and will focus on the current topical issue of single-use plastics. The webinar will:

  • Discuss single-use plastics and the current resource crisis in the catering industry
  • Discuss the latest research and guidance on environmental best practice
  • Introduce the Green Kitchen Standard and how to apply
  • Explain the benefits of the scheme for caterers and businesses

A guest speaker will discuss their Green Kitchen Standard experience. They will cover the ways they overcome the multitude of problems facing plastic use and discuss whether plastic is really as bad as its reputation. This will be followed by a question and answer session.

Liz Harding-Wyatt, Green Kitchen Standard Development Manager at the Soil Association, said: “We all have good intentions for improving our environmental practice, but often translating that into tangible improvement can be complex. What the Green Kitchen Standard provides is more than just an assessment of a caterer’s performance: we help them find practical and measurable ways of improving, continually and for the long-term, and we support them in engaging staff and clients to achieve and celebrate those improvements. This webinar is designed to give caterers an insight into the scheme and encourage them to think about how they could apply it to their operations: we can then help them to refine and target actions to deliver positive outcomes.”

The webinar takes place on Tuesday 22 January at 3:00pm-3:30pm.

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