Whetting Your Appetite

Book now for the Nutrition and Hydration Masterclass which is being hosted by NHS Improvement in London, 27 July

NHS Improvement are launching a nutrition and hydration collaborative in September 2017.

This event is for NHS acute provider organisations. You will:

  • Get an overview of how the collaborative will work
  • Hear case studies from nurses, allied healthcare professionals (AHPs) and caterers – Demonstrating how improvement in nutrition and hydrations needs a whole-team approach
  • Have a chance to share barriers and enablers to improving nutrition and hydration
  • Shape the form of the collaborative
  • Have the chance to sign up to join the collaborative

Who should attend?

Staff from NHS acute provider organisations, including:

  • Directors of Nursing
  • Directors of Estates and Facilities
  • Allied Health Professional Leads
  • NHS Improvement regional Directors of Nursing
  • NHS Improvement Quality and Clinical Lead
  • Nutrition Nurse Specialists
  • Catering Managers
  • Frontline clinical teams
  • Patient Experience Managers

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