At the forefront of texture-modified food: apetito launches innovative IDDSI Level 4 dishes

Always looking to expand its award-winning texture-modified range, leading healthcare meals provider, apetito, has been busy developing its IDDSI Level 4 meals range. It is introducing five brand new, innovative dishes to give patients with swallowing difficulties more choice and variety when it comes to mealtimes.

Not only do all these dishes taste delicious but they have been developed with nutritional content at the forefront of apetito’s inhouse chefs’ and dietitians’ minds.

The new Chicken in Rich Gravy, Lamb in Mint Gravy and Chicken and Vegetable Casserole dishes have been specially developed following feedback from apetito’s healthcare customers. They are the popular puree petite size and include a tasty sauce, which not only brings the dish together but also provides greater nutrient density and flavour profile.

apetito is also introducing two of the nation’s favourite comfort foods to its range, which will be instantly recognisable to patients. Its Sausages, Beans and Chips dish with two browned components, has a real ‘fresh out of the oven’ effect. The Spaghetti Bolognaise is apetito’s best-ever Level 4 pasta dish and is a world leading texture-modified dish, with patients able to see individual spaghetti pieces and taste authentic, comforting bolognaise sauce.

Speaking for apetito, Mandy Chambers, general manager of apetito’s Healthcare Division says:

“Enjoying nutritious, delicious food can aid a patient’s recovery, which is why at apetito, we want to deliver the best food possible for all patients including those with swallowing difficulties.

“We’re always working to produce new meals that are at the forefront of innovation. Our specialist nutrition team has put in so much time, determination, and effort to ensure that these Level 4 dishes are nutritious and taste delicious.”

These new and market leading dishes demonstrate apetito’s dedication to ensuring patients with swallowing difficulties can enjoy a real variety of food, whilst Hospital teams can relax in the knowledge that they are safe for patients to eat.

Find out more about apetito’s Heathcare meal service here: https://www.apetito.co.uk/our-service/hospital-meal-services

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