Hospital’s kitchen efficiency enhanced with Rational cooking systems

Available to view on RATIONAL TV.

rational icombiRational UK, is pleased to announce the release of their latest customer reference story video, highlighting how Northampton General Hospital’s investment of Rational cooking systems has supported their catering operations, including 24-staff feeding, the ability to cook a varied menu and time savings. The video, now available to view on RATIONAL TV, showcases how James A McMurchie has seamlessly blended tradition with state-of-the-art culinary technology to redefine excellence in the butcher industry.

Head Chef Roger McClean, with 25 years of culinary experience, is a key figure at the Central Production Unit (CPU) kitchen, where the magic happens. This bustling kitchen features two iVario advanced bratt pans and three new iCombiPro combi steamers. The kitchen is a hub of activity, serving three distinct areas: the main kitchen for patients, the Eat Street restaurant catering to staff and visitors, and a plating kitchen.

One of the most noteworthy endeavors of this kitchen is the Neely's campaign, for better food availability dring out-of- hours shifts. With five Rational cooking systems in the CPU and an additional three in the East Street restaurant, this facility has undergone a transformation. Previously, there was a single Rational unit, leading to the chefs have to que to use it, but this is now a thing of the past, thanks to the new additions. Popular dishes among the elderly, who make up a significant portion of their patients, include steak and kidney, chicken ham pie, and plain fish, all expertly prepared using the Rational cooking systems. Additionally, cooking times have been significantly reduced, with beef goulash now taking only 35 minutes in the iVario, compared to the previous hour-plus cooking times. 

Martin Baldwin, the Catering Services Manager, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the kitchen's operations run smoothly. With the responsibility of serving 800 patients twice a day for lunch and supper, the CPU kitchen produceds approximately 1600 to 2000 daily meals for patients. The presence of Rational cooking systems has revolutionised their operations, offering the ability to cook a more diverse range of fresh food while saving a considerable amount of time. The adoption of ConnectedCooking has streamlined their recipe management and helped reduce Martin's paperwork load, enhancing overall efficiency in the kitchen's daily operation “ConnectedCooking has given me the ability to be at my laptop, log in to connected cooking, to ensure that all the equipment's being used correctly, and food is being put correctly through the HACCP option”. says Martin. 

Rational was honored to sponsor the prestigious NHS Chef of the Year 2023 competition, which celebrates the remarkable culinary talents within the NHS. As part of their involvement, Rational's team of professional chefs provided invaluable mentorship to the contestants throughout the competition heats.

To witness the hospital‘s journey in the reference story video, now available for viewing on RATIONAL TV: visit rational-online.tv

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