apetito launches roadmap to sustainability and ethical trading

apetitoReinforcing its position as the leading meals provider to Healthcare Customers, apetito has launched Leading the Way in Ethics and Sustainability – a series of stories of how ethics and sustainability is ingrained across its values, which form key components of the company’s promise to Healthcare customers.

As part of this promise, apetito has set out visibility of its processes and principles giving 100% transparency across elements such sourcing, safety, and its overall impact on the environment.

According to Rosemarie Hoyle – Divisional Manager, Healthcare, food safety is the number one priority for apetito.

“Local sourcing is also important for us in supporting the British food and farming industry. Our policy is to buy from British and Irish sources whenever possible. For example, 100% of the beef we use in our kitchens (except for corned beef) is sourced from Farm Assured British and Irish farms.

“All the fish used in our recipes is sustainable as specified by the Marine Conservation Society. In addition, 100% of the wild fish sourced is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). MSC's Chain of Custody Standard ensures traceability back to a certified fishery, which has been through an independent assessment on its specific impacts to wild fish populations and their eco-system.

“Before ingredients reach our kitchens, we work with suppliers to complete assessments and audits on raw materials. This is followed by circa 3,000 daily checks on ingredients and during the cooking process.

“Once cooked, apetito’s positive release policy means a sample taken from each batch of food is analysed before being released for sale once confirmed safe. Through this process apetito can also assure nutritional levels are maintained.

apetito is the only caterer to the health and social care sector that has microbiological, chemical and allergen laboratories onsite, all of which are independently accredited by the Campden Laboratory Accreditation Scheme. Not only that, we’re the only meals provider that offers ongoing staff training, and service features specially designed to save our Healthcare’ customers time and money”.

Since 2007, the company has been committed to developing the UK’s most sustainable production and distribution system. In Autumn 2018, apetito made the move to using 100% green energy and has also reduced water and electricity consumption by 47% and carbon emissions by 74% for every meal produced. Its distribution fleet has also seen a 20% reduction in carbon emissions over the last 10 years. This energy saving is the equivalent of charging 470 million smartphones.

Passionate about reducing waste, 2019 saw the company sign up to the NHS ‘Plastics Pledge’ and by April 2021, as part of its promise to improve food packaging, apetito has a clear aim to reduce single use plastic food containers, including covers and lids. Its plastic packaging is now made with 100% green energy and is widely recycled, while its aluminium packaging is made from at least 40% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Hoyle continues:

“As members of the Ethical Trade Initiative - an alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs which promote respect for workers’ rights around the globe - we only work with suppliers who share our values and commitment to good working conditions — it’s an important part of the decision-making process for our supplier selection and contracting.

“We know how important values and principles are to our Healthcare customers and want to reinforce that we mirror these values. As a business, not only do we have pride in the quality of our meals and the specialist nutrition we offer, but we take pride in the standards and ethos that underpin everything we do. This includes how we source ingredients, the investment in our people and working closely to support our local communities.

“This is another part of our service, which sets us apart in the sector and gives NHS trusts confidence, reassurance and promotes positive engagement with their own customers”.

apetito works in partnership with hospitals to serve great tasting nutritious food that represents value and best practice; supporting diverse patient needs with differing dietary and medical requirements.

Through a dedicated support team, apetito also offers its Healthcare customers a bespoke service tailored to individual hospital needs and challenges.

For more information check out www.apetito.co.uk/about-us/sustainability or contact 01225 560 136.

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