Hobart Cooking Stalwart Celebrates 40 Year Milestone

Dave GrundyDavid Grundy, Government and Key Accounts Manager at Hobart Cooking Solutions, is celebrating 40 years of service at the catering equipment giant.

Mr Grundy, who started life at Hobart’s Nottingham branch as a Catering Specialist back in December 1977, has held 10 different roles during his 4 decades at the company. A constant throughout those years has been his dedication to the government sector of the business, reflected in his current role as Government and Key Account Manager.

His experience is unparalleled – having worked in Hobart’s other divisions including Warewash and Service, and his reputation unrivalled – a popular face known to get involved in all aspects of the business, including the company cricket team.

Of his time at Hobart, David Grundy, says: “I can’t quite believe I’m marking 40 years at Hobart – the time has absolutely flown by and I simply can’t imagine working anywhere else.

“The government sector is a really rewarding place to work and I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with some fantastic people during my time here, many of whom I now count as friends as well as colleagues.”

For further information on Hobart please see www.hobartuk.com, telephone 0844 888 7777 and you can follow Hobart Cooking Solutions on Twitter at @HCS_Cook.


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