Wrapmaster® Transforming Hospital Catering

Wrapmaster® - the ultimate chef wrap system - is proud to partner with the Hospital Caterers Association and bring its award-winning systems to hospital kitchens.

wrapmasterWe understand the critical importance of maintaining the highest of hygiene standards, ensuring the safety of patients and staff, as well as optimising cost savings in healthcare environments. With Wrapmaster®, hospital caterers can achieve all these goals and much more!

Hygiene is our top priority, and our Wrapmaster® ultimate chef wrap systems are designed to address the unique challenges faced by hospital caterers. Our innovative technology and user-friendly designs are backed with 25-years of chef heritage, ensuring that every wrap, be it cling film, foil or baking parchment is dispensed in a controlled and hygienic way.

Dedicated to foodservice, we’re proud that nine out of ten chefs put their trust in Wrapmaster’s hygiene benefits (97%) helping them to maintain a hygienic kitchen when prepping and cooking food[i]. Hospital caterers can confidently wrap ingredients, protect them from cross-contamination and maintain the highest standards of food safety. Our reliable dispensing systems have a robust plastic casing to protect your wrap, is wipeable with a sanitiser spray and can be put through a commercial dishwasher minimising the risk of cross-contamination and keeping patients and staff safe.

In addition to hygiene, Wrapmaster® places great emphasis on safety in hospital catering. Its concealed stainless-steel blade means there is zero risk of cuts to fingers or hands, keeping teams safe. The hidden blade makes fast and light work of cutting cling film, foil, and baking parchment thanks to its simple pull and cut motion, allowing caterers to dispense just the right amount, eliminating excessive usage and unnecessary waste. With Wrapmaster® caterers can improve the efficiency of their kitchen, reduce costs by up to 25%[ii] and put budgets to better use.

Your First Step on Your Sustainability Journey

Sustainability is a growing concern for hospitals, and with Wrapmaster® it’s never been easier to start your sustainability journey with the support of our Sustainable Collection.

Our Wrapmaster® Recyclable PE Cling Film is an excellent general purpose cling film that can reduce food and kitchen waste in one step. Plasticiser, BPA and PVC free, it can be used to wrap and cover all types of food and ingredients. An essential piece of kit, hospital caterers can continue to use cling film in the kitchen, safe in the knowledge that it can be recycled after use as part of a more sustainable, and circular, catering operation.

For those hospitals able to compost, our all-new Wrapmaster® Compostable Cling Film, means no compromise on quality! The film is made from biodegradable and compostable polymers that break down in both home and industry composting environments. It’s PLA-free and not made from any food crop or vegetable sources, making the cling film better for the environment. Caterers can have complete peace of mind as, like our Recyclable PE Cling Film, it also doesn’t contain Plasticizer, BPA, Phthalates or PVC and completely safe for patient and staff dining.

The Sustainable Collection also includes Flexsil-Lid™ by Wrapmaster®; made from silicone it provides an airtight seal on food containers, allowing hospitals to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and freshness.

With Wrapmaster® hospital caterers can transform their operations and we are proud to be a partner of the Hospital Caterers Association, supporting the mission to provide nutritious meals while prioritising the well-being of patients and staff.

Discover Wrapmaster® today and call 01952 678800, email ben.correia@cofresco.com or visit www.wrapmaster.global

[i] Independent Chef Survey, 101 participants, July 2021

[ii] 3 Weeks kitchen trial

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