NHS Foodservice is on the cusp of change – are you?

delegate groupDelegate Technology GmbH has been Earth’s most reliable healthcare food service solution for 33 years! Our software is used in over 4500 locations across 10 countries.

Traditionally food-service was seen as a stand-alone business.

But modern healthcare knows it is related to many other departments of the hospital. It’s tightly connected to the “power of three” and also to topics like waste-reduction, CO2 footprint and electronic patient data. This is Delegate Groups Healthcare focus for Food Service Solutions.

The successes reported by our customers is impressive:

  • Drastically better Patient Outcomes: A reduction of clinical incidents by 30%: achieved through compliant patient menu-offerings fully considering patients assigned dietary requirements, allergies, likes & dislikes.
  • 87,5% Waste reduction: Saving money on purchasing and waste removal as well as reducing CO2 footprint.
  • No clinical incidents and bullet-proof patient-safety: Feeding the patient – and not the bed. Real-time GDPR compliant integration to any EMR ensures the ordered meal follows the patient and changed in real-time if the patient’s requirements change.

Want to know more? Then contact Adam today!

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