Corporate membership at last!

Foodcare have been associated with the HCA for nearly 30 years, active as Patron members in branches such as West of Scotland, East of Scotland and until recently, Managing Director Barry Wells was Chairman of the East Anglia Branch. We have sponsored and supported Study Days, Forum’s and social events.

We’re glad to announce Sarah Palmer and Sarah Stone have recently joined our healthcare team and are actively seeking more involvement with the HCA, particularly as so many members have been helpful, friendly and encouraging. Therefore, Corporate Membership was the answer, albeit Barry will continue to retain his branch membership to comply with committee member regulations.

There have been many changes over the years and our policy is to maintain a high level of food service accessories that patients might find in their favourite restaurant. Working with our manufacturing partners we have available a wide range of tray and tableware items with a choice of bright colours and specialist designs, particularly aimed at those living with eating difficulties.

Are you ‘green’ enough? With your help we can move away from supplying plastic disposables. Foodcare offer lower cost reusable and biodegradable options. Sarah and Sarah look forward to meeting you all and discussing this issue in more detail, after all, there is an import levy on plastic disposables.

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